Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd. was conceived at a time when orthopedic appliances were expensive and difficult to find. Tynor’s inception was based on a single idea: to create technically superior and premium, but affordable products which heal the human body, relieve pain, prevent injury and provide exceptional support.
At Tynor, we strive towards continuous improvement of our products and cater to changing needs of our customers. Tynor is proud to be the No. 1 doctor’s recommended orthotics brand in India. With one of the largest R&D facilities in Asia, TORNADO – Tynor Ortho Research and Appliance Development Organization, Tynor uses some of the best 3D designing techniques.
From humble beginnings, in the early 90s, as a curative product brand providing healing and pain relief, Tynor is rapidly growing. We aim to be a brand that provides day-to-day lifestyle products which provide anatomically perfect support, and help maintain correct posture and form. Tynor has also forayed into sports and fitness to support your body and prevent injuries.