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Low support products are ideal if you want a little extra support or have minor pain when you are going about your daily activities like walking, running or working. Braces that offer a low level of support are typically lightweight and easy to wear as you go about your daily activities. When you wear a low level support you will enjoy the benefits of compression, warmth and a small amount of stability.

Medium support products are ideal for active individuals and athletes who participate in sports and are recovering from an injury or trying to prevent an old injury from recurring. These braces are designed to include extra support in the way of hinges, stays or straps. Medium support braces can be slightly bulkier to wear, but the added stability and protection provided makes it worth the tradeoff.

High support products are meant for individuals recovering from surgery or a serious injury or participate in high intensity sports. Typically manufactured out of rigid materials, these braces are designed to provide the maximum amount of protection and stability. High support braces are the best option for someone experiencing moderate to severe pain or wants to prevent an injury during sports.