Our company believes in a strong set of principles to show us a path and to guide the overall way in which the employees of the organization should work. We believe in complete transparency. Our policies and ethics are transparent. We believe that such a work culture motivates our workers to push themselves beyond limits.
For a company to grow, it is important to have a strong research and development department. Our research and development department, T.O.R.N.A.D.O., is one of the finest known for its implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, these academic and industry relationships lead to the flow of knowledge. This in turn results in better research and the box ideas.
“The company needed a systematic approach to minimize wastage while manufacturing a product. Thus, implementation of lean management was done. Tools used like 5S, 3M, and TQM are used. The lean management system seeks incremental, continuous changes to the organization to ensure constant growth and improvement in efficiency and quality. They help in detecting, reducing, and eliminating the defects and waste produced while manufacturing a unit. Hence the result is the increase in efficiency, improved productivity, and higher quality of the product. ”