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Tynor Knee Cap Air, Black, Pack of 2


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About the product

Tynor Knee Cap Air a compression sleeve that elastically compresses the knee muscles. It is designed to increase the performance of athletes by increasing blood circulation and muscle density around the knee during training, sports and gyming. It provides protection and support for ligaments and tendons, which reduces the likelihood of injury from exercise. Its sleek design makes it easy to wear under clothing for athletes.



Product Description

Tynor Knee Cap Air is an elasticated compression sleeve to hold and compress knee muscles, to enhance the performance of players by increasing muscle density and blood circulation around the knee during sports, gyming and training. It also provides strong support and protection to ligaments and tendons thereby reduces the chances of wear and tear that can happen from workouts. Sleek design makes it comfortable to wear under clothes for sports population.


Bilayered body of Nylon protects from sports related injuries.

Made of hypoallergenic material.

Four-way stretchable provides uniform compression and better grip in sports.

The material absorbs sweat and dries quickly.


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