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Tennis/Golfer’S Elbow Support Pro,1 Unit


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Tynor Tennis/Golfer?s Elbow Support is beautiful forearm band that hold the muscles and the tendons of the forearm during sporting activity. It?s specially designed for sports people playing racket sports, lifting weights or any activity that puts stress on the forearm or has a repetitive hitting or twisting motion. This simple yet stylish band is an absolute necessity to prevent injury of the medial and the lateral tendons of the forearm. The gel pad is designed to give cushioning, absorb vibration due to impact, distribute pressure across tendons and provide comfort. Product is customizable and can be used for both right and left forearm. Length of the tennis/golfer?s elbow support can be customized because of Y clamp hook loop.


Semi rigid design relieves stress during repetitive hitting or twisting motion

Reverse Buckle Mechanism holds muscles and tendons of forearm

Gel pad cushioning protects the tendons of the forearm and it’s massaging action increases the blood flow

Hi tech Design allows custumised fitting and compression


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