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The Tynor Travel Pillow is neck support that can be carried around and allows travelers to rest their necks without effort while sleeping. While traveling, sleeping with no help can cause strain or discomfort in the neck. The pillow is anatomically created to give the head complete support and comfort during sleep. In addition, it allows fast tightening to provide a secure fitting, proper sitting, and rest. It ensures that neck muscles remain comfortable and free of fatigue when taking a break.



Product Description

The Travel Pillow by Tynor is a portable neck cushion that permits travelers to relax their necks without exertion while they sleep. If there is no support, sleep without it could result in muscle strain or discomfort in the neck during travel. It’s designed to give you full support for the neck and offer peace of mind while you sleep. It is easy to tighten and is a perfect fit and comfortable and relaxing. The neck muscles are at ease and are not affected by fatigue during rest.


Anatomic design
Ensures comfortable sleep without effort while sitting matches the natural anatomy of the neck and head and provides comfort and support.

Snap lock mechanism
A convenient tightening mechanism for easy wearing and removal offers customized head and neck support, secure holding, and quick and convenient tightening.

Ergonomic design
It includes a bag for storage, a plush fabric removable and washable cover, and a grand color scheme ensuring easy carrying and supreme aesthetics.

Hitech materials and construction
It uses high-quality materials and is molded from a single piece, giving the product a long functional life and making it lightweight, soft, and comfortable.

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