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Tynor Walker Invalid’s HD All Pods, Silver, 1 Unit


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About the product

Tynor Walker Invalid?s HD is a convenient device to allow the patient to be mobile even with the high degrees of disability, because of old age, nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc. This is designed to provide side to side reciprocating natural gait motion with minimal lift off the floor surface. Ideal for users with limited strength or those that may require maximum stabilization.



Product Description


1. Strong rigid steel body provides perfect support with high load bearing capacity of upto 1. 2. 5. KG.

2. High density foam provides very high cushioning coefficient and fatigueless usage.

3. Foldable depth of 1. 0 cm ensures easy to carry,fold and tarnspport.
4. Anti slip and enhanced grip increases confidence of the user.

5. Easy to adjust height, easy to clean, light weight, excellent aesthetics,long functional life and durable.

Rigid Steel Frame

Chrome finish
It is Rust proof.

Foldable depth 8.0 cm




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