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Tynor Cast Cover For Arm is a generic cast/bandage/wound protector, which makes the fitting water-tight and keeps your cast/bandage/wound dry during the shower. It is reusable. A rigid ring holds the diaphragm and offers a self-sealing mechanism. It is easy to clean, maintain, wear and remove. A transparent flexible body is non-porous, water tight, soft, flexible, light weight, and durable with pleasing aesthetics. It comfortably houses the arm/cast.



Product Description

Cast Cover For Arm is a generic cast/bandage/wound protector designed to provide a water-tight cover to the cast/bandage/wound and keep it dry during the shower or rain. It is reusable.?Your broken arm’s waterproof cover stretches easily over the cast without help or assistance. You can easily put it on and adjust it one-handed. In addition, the Tynor waterproof cast cover arm sleeve does not require a bulky collar seal or additional fasteners to be water-tight.?At times, wearing a cast can be uncomfortable and overwhelming. This waterproof cover for plaster cast protection is very light and comfortable because we designed it to be carefree. In addition, unlike other products, our cast protector arm waterproof shield won’t aggravate the injury while being put on or taken off.


Expandable to accommodate any arm/cast size. Comes with an easy pull on application and no need for tapes or straps. Automatic water sealing is done with an expandable hole drilled into a latex diaphragm, which is held in place with a rigid plastic ring.

Offers a self sealing mechanism and no need for tapes or straps. Easy to clean and maintain and also easy to wear and remove.

It is non porous and water tight.

Offers pleasing aesthetics and is soft, flexible and light in weight. Comfortably houses the leg/cast.

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